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3 Things You Can Do About an Unhappy Relationship

Unhappy relationships are nearly unavoidable. It is a very rare occurrence for two people to both meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after without ever having dated anyone else. The reality is that if you are actively dating, you’re going to probably end up in an unhappy relationship eventually. For some people, they may have to go through several bad relationships before finding the right one.

If you are facing an unhappy relationship, then there are three courses of action you can take:

#1 – Do Nothing
While it is never advisable to do nothing in a bad relationship, it is an option that you can choose. Realize though that nothing gets better on its own. If you’re currently miserable, then you will most likely remain that way until you choose one of the other courses of action.

Why do people choose to stay in an unhappy relationship? They do so simply because it is easier. The other two options take work and can be painful or even scary. However, both often bring far better outcomes than this first option.

#2 – You Could Leave
People always make excuses to stay – even in the worst relationships. So making the decision to leave is often accompanied by a lot of trepidation. Unhappiness, fighting, depression, and many other factors eventually force many people to leave their relationship. The biggest thing for you to do is determine whether or not the relationship is worth it in terms of being able to be repaired. If the relationship cannot be, then it would be best for you to leave. Spending your life being miserable is not worth making the sacrifice to stay with a bad partner.

#3 Work Things Out
Finally, you may choose to work things out with your partner. This requires a complete commitment from both of you in order to make things better. Of the three courses, this is definitely the most difficult and will require constant effort from both you and your partner. However, for a good relationship that is simply experiencing rough times, this is the most rewarding way to go!

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