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The Power of Investment & Getting Your Ex Back

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How to “Fight-Proof” Your Relationships?

A word of caution from the beginning – if you haven’t followed the necessary steps in Get Your Ex Back Roadmap to reignite your ex’s interest in you, this WILL backfire!

The success of this strategy relies on you being on good terms with your ex. Otherwise, it will only push them away. If you’re not on good terms with your ex – read Get Your Ex Back Roadmap to find out what you need to do to get things going with them again.

The Good News
The good news is that this strategy, when used at the right time, is going to help cement the bond between you and your ex! It is rooted deeply in the psychological needs we all have and it works VERY well.

It is called the Power of Investment.

Think Back to Your Break Up…
As painful as it is, think back to your break up. When your ex said they wanted to leave, one of the things that probably went through your head was…

“How can they leave? What about all of the things I did for them?!”

You probably thought of all of the times you went out of your way to take care of them when they were sick or get them dinner when they were to busy to do it themselves. The fact that you had made extra efforts with them made the break up even more painful, right?

As humans, part of our psychology is to feel a deeper connection for people and things that we put effort towards – in other words, things we invest in.

By putting forth more effort for them, you were actually creating a deeper connection for yourself toward your ex.

How to Flip the Tables
Now that you know that doing things for a person makes you feel more connected to them – now all you need to do is get your ex to do things for you.

By getting them to pick you up one afternoon or watch your dog, you’ll secretly be getting them to feel more connected to you. They will be the ones doing the investment and you’ll be the one reaping the rewards of their increased bond with you!

Again, this will only work if you’ve made significant progress with your ex.

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